Yellville upstairs game room where EVP's were caught

What is EVP:  Voice Phenomenon, Believed to be the voice of Spirits recorded on digital recording Devices or standard tape recorders They are usually heard during playback and not during the actual investigation itself.

1. The Following EVP was Captured by Jason Mansfield who assisted on our Investigation. and is used with his permission.

EVP was caught during the Yellville case, you can clearly hear a voice saying
"there's the Camera"  before it is actually spoken a few seconds later by myself. 

2.  Here is the Same EVP cleaned up "there's the Camera"   

3. The Following EVP was captured during our Fayetteville AR Investigation.
we have not be able at this point to determine what is being said.

4. This EVP was caught during our Fayetteville  AR Investigation,  Courtsey of Sassy from who joined  us for the investigation.  you can hear a young woman cleary saying  (Ahhhhhhh)

5.  This EVP was caught at the Old Hardy Hotel as two investigators were doing a final walk though. you can hear AMY being wispered.  One of the investigators  name was Amy. (you will need to turn your volume up to hear this)

6. EVP caught in Murder Room at the Old Hardy Hotel.  sound of  breathing that gets louder.

7. EVP Caught in Guest Bedroom during Mena Arkansas Investigation, you can
hear what appears to be a young girl.

8.  EVP Caught in Guest Bedroom during Mena Arkansas Investigation.  sound of an older man saying  what sounds like  "Allright""

9. EVP from Jacksonville Arkansas investigation, when asked why do you scare the children, you can hear the amplified response "cause I can"

10.  EVP from Old Hardy Hotel  follow-up investigation  First floor in the back you can  clearly hear a female say Yes.

11.  During Farmington Investigation an investigator is talking and you can hear something say Yeah.... from the Closet. near the Mic.

12,  During Investigation of Prairie Grove Battlefield State park  you can hear 2 investigators talking and hear raspy breathing over the investigators.

During Prairie  Grove investigation, Motion detector went off. with no one in the home.  We went on the second floor. and I asked twice for some one to give us a sign, and during the second question, toward the end of this recording you can  hear a young girls voice.

Yellville, Grave Marker in rock fence
Investigation EVP's