1) What is the definition of Paranormal?

Events that cannot be explained by science or natural causes.
2) What is a Haunting?

phenomenon such as noises, Smells, Visual phenomenon, movement of objects, Electrical items turning on and off. Doors opening and closing,. just to name a few that have no Natural or Scientific explanation.
3) What are the three types of haunting's?

1. Intelligent Haunting's 2. Residue Haunting's 3. Demonic Haunting's
4) What is an Intelligent Haunting?

A haunting where the spirit or ghost interact with the people and surroundings.
5) What is a Residual Haunting?

Psychic imprint of a scene or condition that keeps repeating itself. during this type of haunting no interaction with the ghost occurs. Can be compared to watching a movie clip of the past which repeats itself when the conditions are right
6) What is a Paranormal Investigation?

A group of Investigators, using Scientific equipment attempt to catch evidence of Paranormal activity. NOTE (in over 75 percent of the cases the activity has been due to natural causes.)

7) What is an Orb?

An Orb is thought to be spiritual Energy. This Energy is usually caught on film or video and in some cases can been seen with the naked eye.
8) What are Anomalies?

Things that takes place outside the norm.
9) What is EVP?

Voice Phenomenon, Believed to be the voice of Spirits recorded on digital recording Devices or standard tape recorders They are usually heard during playback and not during the actual investigation itself.
10) Why do we use Motion Sensors and Detectors?

motion detectors are used to watch for unseen objects or infrared movement.
11) What is a Thermal Scanner used for?

Thermal Scanners are used to detect Hot or cold spots which can indicate paranormal activity.
12) What is a EMF Meter?

A meter that measures Electromagnetic Fields.a spike in EMF activity can represent spirit activity and places to study further.