The following is a list of places not proved or disproved to be haunted

Please get permission of the owners or tenants at private residences before attempting to visit the site.  Never trespass on private property and heed all posted no trespassing signs.

API will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

Henderson - Julia Ideson Building This building is haunted by a caretaker who used to work at the Galveston Public Library when it was housed here. known as Mr. Cramer. he lived in a small room in the basement with his dog. he would wander the halls after hours playing the Blue Danube waltz on his violin. soon after his death, sounds of his violin at all hours were heard. they would appear to start at the basement. in the 70s renovations were done and have lessened the phenomenon, people still report hearing his footsteps and the sound of his dog walking on the floor on the north side of the library. (now the Julia Ideson building 500 McKenny st. downtown Houston).

U.S. Army Medical training Center Service club number two at the army training center is haunted . since 1960 employees and guests have heard and felt the presence clearing its throat and watched as it opened and closed windows. tampers with typewriters, Ping Pong, when now one is around. Nicknamed Harvey. in 1951 a young trainee committed suicide in a small storage room in the building.  (Known as service club 2 open to enlisted men and trainees).

St. John Newmann Catholic Church in Feb 1988 three parishioners here reported that the Virgin Mary had appeared to them to ask them to become messengers of prayer and love. Mary said she would reveal herself on August 15th 1988. at the Feast of Assumption Festival. nearly twenty thousand people gathered and thousands claimed to have see ht face of Mary in a mass of sunlit clouds. scores of faithful reported miraculous healing's. (5802 22ed Street Lubbock Texas)

Neches River - Ghost Riders the haunting started in 1870s when cattleman driving his heard to market came across a new homestead blocking his normal route.  Ranchers and Farmers did not get along during that time. The Cattleman was so angry he stampeded his cattle right through the farm house killing everyone inside. Their screams are still heard whenever the phantom longhorns are sighted. The Legend inspired the popular song :Ghost Riders in the Sky"  (Runs from Real County northwest of San Antonio to lake Corpus Christi in live oak county. The South Texas desert area around the river is full of deserted canyons and abandoned settlements)

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