The following is a list of places not proved or disproved to be haunted

Please get permission of the owners or tenants at private residences before attempting to visit the site.  Never trespass on private property and heed all posted no trespassing signs.

API will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

Alice - U.S. Highway 281 The Ghost of a woman in black is known to haunt part of a modern Highway. She is Leonora Rodriguez, Wife of Raul Ramos, who lived in the 1700's. At the time the area was  a flat chaparral. Leonora was hanged from a large oak on that road by her husband. She was accused of being pregnant by another man. The Ghost is seen along the road in the same black dress she wore the night she was murdered. Numerous vehicles have pulled off the road to help the phantom only to see her vanish. (Alice is in Jim Well's County in souther corner of Texas, thirty one miles west of Corpus Christi on highway 44. The Lady in black is most reported on U.S. highway 281 at the rarm Rd. 141 underpass, south of Alice.)

Alpine - Delores Mountain  The mountain is named for a tall, dark haired woman whose ghost is seen here. she was a servant  girl in a large home just outside Laredo, in the 1880's. She fell in love with a sheepherder who spent weeks away from her tending sheep in the mountains. While apart they lit brush fires to communicate their love over the vast distance. Apaches saw the fire, attacked and killed the sheepherder. Delores still climbed the mountain to light her fire, hoping to see a reply in the far off peaks. she did this until the day she died, Her Ghost continues to kindle a flicker flame to this day. (Alpine in Brewster County in the southwest corner of Texas. Junction U.S. Highway67/90 and Highway 118. near Fort Davis. 23 Miles north of Alpine on Highway 118.)

Fort Davis National Historic Site The Ghost of Alice Walpole had been seen here since Civil War Days. In 1861, The Fort was used by Confederate troops when the young girl disappeared. She was searching for white roses along Limpia Creek when abducted by Apache Indians. Her body was never found. Her Ghost started showing up days later.  She is often seen outside the quarters where women did needlework. The Scent of roses precludes her appearance. Even now out of season white roses are found within the compound. ( The Old Fort is North Fort Davis on Highway 17 and can be reached by I-10 on the north or U.S. Route 67/90 on the south.)

Marfa Lights Floating balls of light have been seen in the mountains for over 150 years.Greenish Yellow Lights appear just above the horizon at dusk and sometimes split in two. Apache legends say the lights are the spirit of Chief Alste. condemned to wander the area after offending a tribal God. (U.S. Highway 90 plaque, on the large plateau just east of Marfa and west of Alpine. and on Mitchell Flat southwest of Marfa.)

Angleton - Bailey;s Prairie Brent Bailey spent his life trying to homestead the land here. Before he died he asked to be buried upright so he could continue to walk the land in the afterlife. His Ghost has been spotted many times doing just that.Some folks claimed he even peered in their windows in the early evening hours. Brit Bailey's light is still seen today. (Angleton is thirty three miles south of Houston on county road 521.)

Austin - Capitol City Playhouse  A Ghost haunts this theater. The unidentified spirit rearranges furniture, moves stage props and moves small personal items. ( Sixty miles northeast of San Antonio on I-35 214 West 4th St. Austin Texas.)

Austin - Driskill Hotel Flirtatious ghost of a Texas gent is said to haunt th top floor of this hotel. The old Elevator still makes calls to that floor for no reason. Female guests have reported the playful spirit is several rooms. (604 Brazos St. Austin)

Austin - Governor's Mansion The North bedroom is haunted by a governor's nephew.  built in 1853, the Ghost of Governor Pendleton Murrah's nephew who committed suicide in this bedroom in 1864. No one could sleep in the Ice cold room because of Banging sounds, so Governor Hamilton had it sealed aft the Civil War. It was reopened in 1925 muffled sobbing can still be heard especially on Sundays.  The Houston Bedroom in the mansion is said to be Haunted by Sam Houston, third Governor of Texas. His Spirit was encountered by Governor Mark White in the 1980's. (Downtown Austin on the corner of 10th St. and Colorado. 1010 Colorado Austin.)

Austin - Littlefield Home  The Ghost of Mrs. George Washington Littlefield is said to haunt her former home.  footsteps are heard in the upper hallways and the living where the Grand Piano is heard to play a few notes.(on the University of Texas campus at 24th St. and Whitis Ave.)

Austin - Metz Elementary School Demolition of the old brick school building released a lot of activity. progress was hampered by equipment problems and unusual accidents. half the crew quit and the rest refused to work inside  due to activity in the school and accidents that plagued the Construction crew.  (84 Robert T, Martinez jr. St.

Austin - University of Texas Ghost of Dallas Franz a pianist and professor haunts Jessen Auditorium in the old Music Building. The Professor taught from 1940 through 1960. His spirit has been felt by current students and staff.(University of Texas University Station, Austin.)

Austin - Westlake Phantom wagon driven by a ghostly cowboy is seen in the hills of this modern housing project where an old rancher's house is haunted by two ghosts. The Teamster was bushwhacked by several men. and the wagon carried off by the frightened horses. Laughter is still heard and the figure of his wife Viola has been spotted along the banks of Eanes Creek. ( Housing development is called Lago Vista on the Old Eanes-Marshall Ranch.)

Austin - Zachary Scott Kleberg Theater Spirits haunt the stage area at this theater. moving props, changing lighting, stealing Actors personal possessions and returning them. ( 1510 Toomey Rd.)

Belleville - Highway 36 Steam Locomotive emerges from a fog across the highway. there is no crossing gate, warning light or even tracks. first witnessed by Thomas Phillips of pasadena Texas on January 10, 1960 (Highway 36 north exit from I-10 go eight miles to belleville, at junction of county road 949.)

Big Bend National Park - Bruja Canyon Bruja is Spanish for Witch. the area is thought to be bewitched. Photographs taken often cannot be developed, unexplained flickering lights are seen.  a sense of Dangerous non malevolent power . ( Highway 385 south ninety eight miles from I-10. at fort Stockton, Bruja Canyon cuts through mesa de Anguilla, about a day's hike west of Terlingua Abaja.)

Los Chisos Mountains The name means "the Ghosts" the mountains are said to be haunted by many spirits. Mountain passes are said to be haunted by the phantom of Apache Chief Alsate.  He was executed by a Mexican firing squad in 1800's (Location is Private property north of Santa Fe Railroad tracks. that parallel highway 67.

Terlingua Abaja Crumbing Ghost town has been the site of several encounter . The Cemetery has twenty grave including several infants who died in the harsh conditions. ( only experience hikers should attempt this trip)

Clifton - St. Olaf's Church A Ghostly congregation fill this deserted church
Voices and Singing are often heard from the empty building (28 miles northwest of Waco on highway 6 at the junction of country road 219)

Corpus Christi - Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site an old Mexican fort was home to a living apparition known as the lady in Green. dozens witnessed the strange phenomenon, The Lady in Green continues to walk the grounds. 38 miles northwest of Corpus Christi on county road 624.)

Corpus Christi - Headless Horseman Hill  a streaming horse has been seen of over a hundred years. The cowboy is said to be a horse thief captured by a posse and crudely beheaded because the men could not find a suitable tree from which to hang him. (county road 624)

Crosby - Williams House When Jean and Ben Williams moved into this home in 1983 they were curious about the strange markings on the oak tree
in their front yard. in time they heard footsteps and voices in the home. shadows roamed. they found that the house was built on an old Graveyard. called Black Hope Cemetery. before the family moved out 5 members had died under mysterious circumstances. (Private residence on hilltop drive in Newport area of Lake Houston).

Crosbyton - Stampede mesa Phantom heard of Long horns stampedes over the mesa late at night. in 1889 over 1,700 cattle stampeded in the middle of the night. the cattle headed over a hundred food cliff,  (some of the maps show Blanco canyon as White Canyon. bounded by the white river and McNeil Branch. Mesa area is on a private Ranch).

Dallas - Snuffers Restaurant A ghost haunts guests and employees in this restaurant.. the Phantom started after remodeling and usually appears in the hallway that Connects the old building to the new. (Greeville Ave, Dallas)

Dallas - White Rock Lake  Ghost of a woman in a white evening gown dripping wet had been see by residents for many years. The Ghost often appears to couples parked in cars along deserted roads. in Sept 62, dale Berry answered the doorbell twice to find no one there. on the third ring. he opened the door to see the screaming Ghost. The Ghost's identity has never been Identified. (Northwest Highway and Buckner Blvd, The lake is in a city park off of Buckner Blvd.)

Denton - Mills Commune Community of 14 homes is located on sacred Indian ground . Residents report many manifestations. U.S. Highway 377 The community is located off Mills road in East Denton

Eagle Pass - La Chimeneas Ranch This old Ranch on the ruins of an old Spanish Fort was built by the Vegas family, Screams, sounds of fighting and phantoms have haunted the site since the 1860's  ( the ruins are 20 miles northeast of the town of Eagle Pass, toward Crystal City. it is on private Property).

EL Paso Franklin Mountain Spanish Padres from Paso Del Norte Mission worked a gold mine in this mountain in the 1600''s During a revolt of the Pueblo Indians, the padres hid all their gold in a mineshaft and sealed it with red clay.Many Spanish were killed in the rebellion. before long no one was alive to remember the location of the old mine. today People still search for the lost Padre Min and encounter the ghosts of the Catholic priests who mined the these hills.  (I-10  Franklin Mountain State park.)

EL Paso La Llorona The ghost of a weeping woman described as a shrouded, faceless lady with long white fingernails has been sighted in the streets of this city. La Llorona was in love with a man who ordered her to get rid of her children if she wanted to live with him.  She can still be seen with a Black flowing dress. wandering along the banks of the Rio Grande River where she drowned them. (La Llorona is seen  from both sides of the Rio Grande).

Fort Worth Book & Video Strange Lights, unexplainable footsteps, an unseen presence are experienced by customers.(Junction of 1-20 and I-35. Fort Worth Books and video, 400 Main Street.)

Fredericksburg - Enchanted Rock State Natural Area a mountain of pink granite that makes strange sounds at night. People have been worshipping here for thousands of years. Indians consider it to be a gateway to the spirit world. Kiowa, Comanche, and apache Indians call the spirit of the enchanted rock Gahe and believe the mountain is imbued with supernatural force. (55 miles northwest of San Antonio on U.S. Highway 87 take highway 16 to ranch road.)

Galveston - Ashton Villa This mansion was built in 1859 by James Moreau Brown. his daughter Bettie is said to haunt her old home to this day.  her presence is sensed most strongly on the center stairway and in the hallway on the second floor landing.(Historic District 2328 Broadway).

Galveston - May Williams Home Samuel may Williams was Governor Stephen Austin's secretary.and had a reputation for being a ruthless businessman. he was called the most hated man in Texas. Within days of his death Slaves reported seeing him sitting in his rocking chair. Tourists and employees have sensed  his presence in the upstairs bedrooms. Neighbors report seeing a light in the window late at night and a figure walking on the narrow balcony. (3601 Bernardo de Galvez ave.)

Gonzales - Courthouse Clock The Tower clock is haunted by the spirit of Albert Howard, hanged on the gallows behind the old county jail March 18 1921. Howard became obsessed with the Courthouse clock as his execution drew nearer and he put a curse on the clock that would toll his death. Shouting that the clock would never work properly. He was the last man Hanged in this county. and the clock has never worked properly since the day he died  Despite large sums spent for it's repair. (U.S. Highway 183, south of
I-10, now housed in the old county jail building.)

Hempstead - Liend Plantation Ranch a boy's gasping ghost has been seen in the white guesthouse next to the ranch house. Cries can be heard at night. (U.S. Highway 290, Ranch is on private property.4 miles northeast of Hempstead.)

Henderson - Henderson Mansion a Three story brick house erected in 1851 by james howard was restored in 1968, the ghost of his wife was seen floating over the stairway to the upper floors.  (Junction  of U.S. Highway 79 and 259, south main street).


Haunted Locations in Texas