Superstitions have long been a part of our culture.  Exactly how they have evolved no one really knows.  Through the years beliefs and Superstitions have evolved to cover most all aspects of life.  We have collected many of them here.

API  dismisses all superstitions unless they can be based off of scientific fact and proven. 

Bad  Luck

1.  Burning a peach-tree or sassafras wood
2.  When dressing in the morning it is bad luck to put your left shoe on first.
3.  To count birds in a flock is considered bad luck
4.  Weeping Willow trees on your property will bring bad luck.
5.  Putting a garment on inside out unless it is worn that way all day long.
6.  Killing a redbird or bluebird
7.  Sweeping out a front door sweeps the good luck out and lets bad luck in.
8.  Burning wood from a tree that was struck by lightning
9.  Carrying a hoe inside a house will bring bad luck.
10.  Bringing an old broom into a new house.
11.  Sweeping after dark
12.   The Number 13
13.  Bad luck comes to those photographed with a cat.
14.  Picking up a spoon by the road
15.  Lending  salt to a  neighbor unless it is exchanged for an equal amount of sugar.
16.  A rooster crowing in the doorway of a barn is a sign bad luck is to follow.
17.  Seven years bad luck can be expected when a mirror is broken.
18.  Rotating a chair on one leg brings bad luck.
19.  To sweep under a chair in which someone is sitting .
20.  When traveling from home you should never return for something forgotten.  Bad  luck will follow.
21.  Counting stars
22.  Killing a deer on sunday
23.  Opening an umbrella inside a building.
24.  You must always leave a building by the same door you entered or bad luck will follow.
25.  Laying a hat on a bed will bring bad Luck.
26.  Sewing a dress on friday bad luck will follow unless you finish the same day.
27.  Looking at the moon over your left shoulder.
28.  Spilling salt is bad luck unless a pinch is thrown over your left shoulder.
29.  Stepping on a grave.
30.  Wearing new clothes belonging to someone else, before that person wears them.
31.  Stepping over a broom that has been dropped or knocked over.
32.  An owl hooting near your house.
33.  Step on a crack when walking, (Step on a crack, Break your mothers back)
34.  When hands are dried together on the same towel.  (Wash and dry together, Weep and Cry together).
35.  Counting vehicles in a funeral procession
36.   Changing the direction of stirring when stirring batter.
37.  Giving a Chicken away.
38.  A black cat runs across your path unless you turn and go another direction or break te spell by spitting.
39.  Disturb eggs in a nest
40.  Kill a spider, especially one with long legs
41.  Changing a horses name
42.  pulling a pig's tail.
43.  Lighting three pipes from the same light.
44.  Finding a black button
45.  When walking with another person it is bad luck to let a post or tree pass between you unless you break the spell
      by  repeating {Bread and Butter} or {Salt and Pepper}.


1.  Holding a baby before a mirror before it is one year old will result in the baby's death within a year.
2.  A rooster crowing before 4:00 AM is a sign of death.
3.  A green (good weather) Christmas means a fat graveyard.
4.  A needle broken while sewing a quilt means death will come before the quilt is finished.
5.  A cow mooing after midnight
6.  A dog howling at night is a sign of death in the neighborhood.
7.  A rooster crowing at your back door
8.  A picture falling from the wall is a sign of a  death is coming.
9.  A lamp going out because it has accidentally run out of oil is a sign of death.
10.  Stepping over a member of the family results in a death.
11.  When a critically ill person picks at the bedcovers, death is imminent.
12.  Immediately after a persons death his bed pillow should be opened. If a circle of feathers is found it is referred to as an
      angel's crown.  and indicates that the person entered heaven without  judgement.
13.  A sneeze before breakfast means death will come to a close acquaintance with a week.
14.  A Dress begun on Friday must be finished the same day. otherwise death will come to the person it is being made for       before she wears it.


1.  If you left ear burns someone is saying bad things about you.
2.  If your right ear burns someone is saying good things about you.
3.  Friday night's dream on Saturday told, will always come true, no matter how old.
4.  Taking a ring off another person's finger will result in a major disagreement with that person soon.
5.  White spots on a person's fingernails indicate that the person tells lies and cannot be trusted.
6.  Toads make warts on your hands if you touch them.
7.  When your nose itches, expect a visitor soon with a hole in his britches.
8.  When Babies smile in their sleep they are talking to angels.
9.  If a horse rolls over on its back. and then over again before rising he is very valuable.
10.  When a spoon is dropped by accident the handle will point in the direction from which visitiors will soon come.
11.  When the joint of your Thumb itches,  Expect a visit soon from an unwelcome stranger.
12.  Hanging dill, yarrow, ivy or nettle in the house will ward off evil spirits.
13.  Combing your hair after dark causes you to lose your memory.
14.  Rats will leave your home if you wirte a letter to them and seal it with butter.
15. Cut your fingernails:  Monday for health, Tuesday for Wealth, Wednesday for news, Thursday for shoes, Friday for sorrow,
     Saturday,  a true love tomorrow.

Common Superstitions