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CASE: 101

Date: 08/26/2006

Time: 8:30PM thru 3:45AM

Location: Yellville Arkansas

Weather: Temp 79 Degrees F.

             Partial Moon, Partly Cloudy, Humidity 54%

Equipment: EMV Detector, Inferred Thermometer, Digital Camera, Hi8 night vision camera.  EVP recorders, night vision video recorders.

This home located in Yellville, has an interesting history. The home is over 100 years old. Believed to be the 11th home built in the area. Complete with slave quarters as well as a carriage house out back.

The house was remodeled in the early 1900's but has kept most of the original flavor. The current residents had their first encounter while sitting in the parlor they looked over at the staircase and saw a woman on the stairway. She was dressed in early period clothes.

Other activity soon followed,  footsteps upstairs when no one is upstairs. Doors slamming, A face seen in the window of the slave quarters on the second floor. Lights flickering, TV's coming on after being turned off. In addition a Figure has been seen wearing a dark trench coat walking from the Carriage house to the back door of the home. At first it was thought to be an intruder, but it just disappeared. A small Girl has been seen by the front porch her grave believed to be along side the front porch. And a small grave marker is embedded in the stone fence that surrounds the property. Due to a courthouse fire, details and records on the homes history are incomplete. 

Our investigation had five Night vision cameras setup one on the stairway, one in the upstairs bedroom that had reported activity in it one in the Game room at the top of the stairs and one in a second bedroom facing the slave quarters. And one in the main dinning area in addition we had a motion triggered 35 mil camera setup facing the Carriage house and several EVP recorders setup in known hot spots a sweep was done for EMF readings, prior to the investigations for a base line.

We conducted the investigation spending roughly 30 to 45 min per room each time. Recording with HI 8 Video. Taking temp readings and EMF readings. This went on through the course of the evening and early morning,

During the investigation all EMF readings were normal.  Temp fluctuations were found to be normal. Readings from 80F to 82F were consistent.  Even the owners commented that is was unusually quite, considering the activity they had going on the previous evening.

We wrapped up the investigation a little after 3:00AM.   During the investigation I did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

We took the footage home and began reviewing over 35 hours of video footage. As well as 21 hours worth of sound recordings.  We did capture quite a few orbs in two main areas immediately at the top of the stairs in the game room, and the bedroom facing the Slave Quarters. In addition Jason Mansfield who joined us for this investigation caught a remarkable EVP. You can clearly hear someone say, "there’s the Camera". We thank Jason for permission to share this sound bit on our Web Sight. 

Again although nothing of a personal nature happened during the investigation. Clearly there was energy present in two main areas. At the top of the stairs or as we called it the game room and the bedroom with the slave quarters. The EVP that was caught by Jason was very astounding.  We thank the owners for their permission to investigate the home and grounds. This home has plenty of personal experiences which many people, friends as well as owners have experienced.  We look forward to conducting another investigation here sometime in the future to try to capture these experiences on film or sound.

Please visit our EVP and Photo page for EVP and video of the Orbs caught at the above location)

CASE 102

Date:  07/11/2006

Time: 8:30PM thru 11:00PM

Location: Alamo San Antonio Texas

Weather: Temp 90Degrees F.

             Full Moon, Partly Cloudy, Humidity 45%

Equipment: EMV Detector, Inferred Thermometer, Digital Camera

While vacationing in Texas my wife and I paid a visit to the historic Alamo. Site of many ghost tours as well as it's historical value.  I had no intention while on vacation of actually doing any ghost hunting, however the opportunity presented itself, so I used what equipment we had at the time.

Since this is a historic place, entry after hours is not allowed, and since this was not planned we did not have the time to seek the proper channels for possible permission to have access to the grounds.

We arrived during daylight hours. Several photos were taken of the Alamo from various angles.  The grounds in front of the Alamo that is currently the walkway and sidewalks as well as the street running in front of it were at one time a Cemetery. On both the East and West side of the Streets running in front and on the side of the Alamo you can see the remains of the old walls that actually ran along side in front of the Alamo. Most people think they are cross walks.

The lights at night give an orange glow to the area.  We were told by a paranormal group giving a tour at the time that as recently as a week prior several photos were taken of a figure in the east courtyard.  A Figure has also been seen in the middle window above the main door.  During the course of the evening we had quite a number of EMF spikes in the range of 4 or slightly above. In addition we had numerous temp fluctuations. From 80's to 65 this all happened at the east courtyard. 

The west courtyard while we were there had no EMF or temp readings that would be considered out of the norm.

Photos were taken from all area, however nothing was caught on film.

The EMF and temp fluctuations were very interesting but were not conclusive to produce any physical manifestations.

I would love at some point in the future to be able to take all our equipment down there and do a full investigation.

As it was this was unplanned and I had little equipment. Although the EMF and Temp reading were interesting in certain areas of the grounds, we caught no Conclusive evidence at the time to say one way or the other regarding the proof or disproof of paranormal activity.

Should you visit the Alamo, you might keep an eye open on the areas listed you might just get a guest appearance in your photographs

CASE 103

Date:  05/12/2007

Time: 8:00PM thru 2:00AM

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp: 83 F
               Relative Humidity: 44%
               Barometer readings: 30.02 Falling
               Wind Speed: Calm
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Cresent 18.5%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:  8:00PM
               Moon Rise: 2:51AM

Equipment: EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras,
Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders, External Power Supply with Inverter, night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with multiple DVR recorders.

We were joined on this investigation by our good friends Jason Mansfield and Sassy from HauntedArkansas.net. we had a total of 10 investigators present.

The Home Located in Fayetteville Arkansas is a small two story home which is no longer occupied.  activity at the home revolves around two previous residents that died in the home. The home itself has remained in the same family throughout and reports of noises on the stairway as though someone is walking. one of the residents lying in bed upstairs felt like someone was putting pressure on her chest.  sounds of someone in the Kitchen at various times. when someone would look, no one was found. The dog would growl at the stairway when sounds were heard. and Orbs have been seen on the stairway and in the loft. one of the relatives even refuses to go into the home.

The Investigation began shortly after 8:00PM since the residence was so small we had three investigators going in at a time. doing EMF Sweeps, taking photos and Tempature readings. each group stayed in aprox 45 min and would come out and a new  group of investigators would go in.  the remainder of the team monitored videos from the control center as well as listened to audio coming out from previously placed mics. property sweeps were also done for EMF and photographs.

Many of the team did have personal experiences while conducting the investigation. The smell of Baby Powder was verified by more then two team members. EMF Hot spots on the second floor, stairway and in the Frontroom kept us busy shooting photos and looking for natural sources.  in most cases the spikes would dissipate and move  as a result many photos and video captured Energy Orbs.  (these can be seen on the Video and Investigation Photo page).  the closet in the front room was also an area of interest. and Orbs were captured there as well.

The Floor was littered with old artifacts, such as letters with 6 cent stamps, invoices, Photos, a calendar from the 30's all adding a bit of nostalgia to the investigation.  Outside at the control center on separate occasions our investigators monitoring  audio picked up Tapping noises. these were not picked up on the audio recordings. on two separate occasions  in the same room  we had equipment failures at different times and with different Investigators, once the equipment was outside of the house the equipment worked normally.

Two EVP's were caught in the home, you can hear them on the EVP page.

The Presence of a small child was felt as well. some team members could feel chills and energy present at certain locations in the home.

the investigation wrapped up shortly before 2:00AM  with over 150 photos taken, over 20 hours of Video to review and 22 hours of Audio to review.  As you can see from our EVP,  video and Photo page of this investigation we were not disappointed with the results.  

CASE 104

Date:  06/30/2007

Time: 9:00 PM thru 2:00AM

Location: Ravenden, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:72 F
               Relative Humidity: 93%
               Barometer readings: 30.04 Rising
               Wind Speed: 6 Mph NNE
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Gibbous 99.55 %
               Solar X-Rays:  Active
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:  8:25 PM
               Moon Rise:9:03AM

Equipment: EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras,
Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders, External Power Supply with Inverter, night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with  DVR recorder.  

This investigation took us to the town of Ravenden  located on  the North East corner of Arkansas. Two Miles up a twisty dirt road is Opposition cemetery Located on a hilltop surrounded by woods. During the day this location Looks like most cemeteries. however when you get out and actually look around you notice many of the graves are from the 1800's  this is a public burial ground. meaning there is no charge for anyone to be interred here. many burial markers are weathered rocks, Homemade markers of concrete with various decorations, some land scaped plots.with modern markers. Quite a few graves have evidence of caving in or sinking. In the middle of the cemetery is what is known as the grove where huge trees over shadow the older part of the cemetery. 

The cemetery is known by the locals and old timers as soured ground. many will not venture anywhere around it after dark. there are 273 unmarked graves.  many are buried right along the road side. Burial practices in the 1800 did not require vaults and many had wood caskets. Huge trees roots have since penetrated many graves.  Claims of a strong smell of formaldehyde and a musty stench. Dark misty forms have been seen in the middle of the cemetery. A figure has been seen floating out of the cemetery across the dirt road and disappears into the woods.  Most of the people buried here we were told died from unnatural causes such as auto accidents, fire, many also died before their time, such as infants, or young men and woman.

We arrived aprox 7:30 PM and began setting up the equipment. Running four night vision stationary cameras on various reported hotspots. we also ran two external Mics out to various locations. We also set up two IR Illuminators for additional lighting. From the start in the distance you could hear the sound of thunder and occasional flash of lightning.  We had a total of 6 investigators present. We began the investigation shortly after 9:00 PM with two groups,  one starting at the bottom of the cemetery and the other working the grove area. the others monitored the video and audio at the command post.

During the course of the evening, the thunder and lightning persisted in the distance adding an eerie effect to the cemetery.  many of our team during the course of the evening had personal experiences.  the EMF meter would jump to over 4 on occasion. while placed on a tombstone. we tested the theory that the electrical storm may be causing this. but dismissed this based off of the distance the storm was from us at the time. The investigating teams has various equipment from IR  thermometer, Digital recorders, Digital Cameras, Compass, night video hand held equipment. EMF detectors. While one team was covering the bottom of the cemetery heading toward the grove. they did encounter the smell of formaldehyde. the smell changed to that of a dead animal.and then an overall musty smell. a tightness in the chest also overcame one of the investigators.
at the same time another team in the grove also experienced a tightness in the chest, and a musty smell.  this was later validated at the command center both teams were not aware of the others events. Various tempature fluctuations were caught in the grove also a smell of cinnamon at one point.

at 11:30 PM the skies opened up and it started pouring. We covered the command center equipment with a tarp and headed for our vehicles to take cover. the IR Cameras were still rolling.  We thought for sure this would be a quick storm. Needless to say at 2:30 AM it slowed down enough for us to wrap it up..  we have to dismiss 2 hours of evidence on 4 cameras due to the down pour. 

We were able to get a good 3 hours of investigation in at this site with some interesting results. We had a number of personal experiences which in the scientific world does not mean much. We did capture quite a few Orbs over the tombstones.  (True Orbs are just energy, however they can be strong precursors of a developing manifestation.) many are situated over the tombstones .  In addition we did catch one anomalie on video in the grove.  several EVP's were possibly caught they are still being reviewed.. With all the night critters is is extremely difficult to capture EVP's. 

(Please check out the Photos and Video of this investigation on our Photo and Video page)

Due to only being able to conduct 3 hours of an investigation and to be fair to  the existing evidence we did get,  we will need to schedule a Follow - up investigation at some point in the future.

Until then, take a look at the photos and the video.  What do you think?


CASE: 105  

Date: 08/25/07

Time: 8:00 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location: Hardy, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:92 F
               Relative Humidity: 69%
               Barometer readings: 29.93 Steady
               Wind Speed:5-10 Mph WNW
               Lunar Cycle:  Waxing Gibbous 93.00 %
               Solar X-Rays:  Active
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:  7:45 PM
               Moon Rise:7:42 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders, External Power Supply with Inverter, night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder.  

We received a request from Steve and Marcia Weaver owners of the Old Hardy Hotel regarding paranormal activity that has been reported.  The Site is listed on the National .Register of Historic Places and is currently an Antique Mall.

Reported Activity include Footsteps being heard on the second floor when no one is there. After closing up for the night the owners leave several Lights    left on. when they return in the morning different lights have been turned on and the open and closed sign has been switched from closed to open. The previous owner had office supplies moved around from their original location as well as photographed an unknown energy source. In addition the previous owners daughter has seen a Ghostly figure on the stairs dressed in early period clothing.  Customers also have reported activity, including the opening and closing of a drawer located in what is called the murder room. Cold spots have also been reported.

History: Known as the Old Hardy Hotel, it was built around 1898 with 11 rooms and was a hotel up to 1967.  A murder took place in the front room on the second floor in the early 40s. The building next door to the hotel was originally the carriage house. In the hotel's history is was also a part of the  local hospital. And possibly a bordello known as the Blue Goose.

We started setting up equipment shortly after 6:00 PM,  This investigation allowed us to use our new mobile command center.  a 12 foot long by 7 feet wide trailer remodeled for Electrical, Audio and Video monitoring.  Eight Night vision cameras were placed throughout the building as well as four Digital Audio monitoring devices. During the setup we turned the lights out on the rooms we were finished setting up in.  on more then one occasion. we came back to find the lights turned on. 

We started the actual investigation at aprox 8:00PM  During the course of the Evening we send several team members in at a time with various electronic equipment such as EMF detectors, Night vision video and digital cameras, digital recorders  all this including the cameras and Audio we already have setup in the building in the hopes of catching any evidence o Paranormal Activity. 

Through out the course of the evening. Team members reported personal experiences. such as the smell of perfume, the feeling of a young woman running up and down the hall on the second floor.  over 117 Orbs were caught on camera during the investigation. Two photos  seen on our photo page caught an unexplained shadow in the main lobby and the doll room.  repeated attempts to duplicate these were not successful.  Very strong impressions and feelings of heaviness were experienced at the top of the stairway and Hall.

a price tag on an item in the utility closet door was caught swinging violently as if it were being smacked.  the Air Conditioning was not on at the time. the Next room down called the yellow room due to it's paint scheme had a measured 30 degree drop in tempeture.  One of the Investigators was overcome with a feeling of sickness near the Murder room. but this was very tempory. 

Several sensitive Investigators on the team felt the presence of at least 4 other entities at this location.  I might add that they are not frightening, just like to be playful. and that they enjoy being there.   Of course our investigations are based off Scientific evidence and there is no shortage of it. Please check out the videos, Photos and EVP page for some of the evidence posted.

We want to Thank Steve and Marcia Weaver for opening up this Historic Hotel for us to Investigate. Our overall impression of this location is that there is moderate Paranormal Activity actively present. 

Should you be passing though Hardy Arkansas, please stop in and visit the Historic Old Hardy Hotel.  Bring your camera perhaps you to can encounter some of its previous tenants as well. 

The Old Hardy Hotel is located at 204 E Main Street. 
For More infomation on this historic site visit the Old Hardy Hotel website by clicking here. 

Case: 106

Date: 07/28/2007

Time: 8:00PM thru 1:30AM

Location: Doniphan, Missouri

Weather:  Temp:76 F
               Relative Humidity: 83%
               Barometer readings: 29.87 Steady
               Wind Speed: 6 Mph SW
               Lunar Cycle:  Waxing Gibbous 98.88 %
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:  8:13PM
               Moon Rise:7:42AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders, External Power Supply with Inverter, night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder.  

We received a request for assistance involving several children that were being terrified in their bedrooms by an unknown presence. since this case involves children we felt it necessary to respond as soon as possible.

The Residence consists of several mobile homes. Activity reported is as follows:  Son reports he saw three or four white shadows in the driveway at night. Grandson reported seeing a shadow man in the kitchen he was 4 at the time.  Odd things would happen like misplaced keys or toys. Dishes would be moved at night.  Granddaughter started seeing  "White" Monsters. Back doorknob would rattle like someone was trying to get in. Black smoke forming on the wall of the bedroom. Heavy footsteps have been heard when no one is in the home. Odd odors of old clothes. The young Daughter hears noises in her room saying a little boy is under the bed scaring her.   on occasion she has ran screaming into her moms room shaking and crying and said the White thing hurt her.  from that night on she refuses to sleep in the back bedroom. The daughter is very consistent in the description of the White monsters.  The Mother has felt like something is in the back room and will not sleep in the back room as well. 

We setup three cameras, one in each of the trailers back bedrooms The back bedrooms of two of the trailers are in close proximity to each other. One camera was setup in the back yard where reports of activity had also be noted. External mics were also setup in both back bedrooms of each trailer.

Our initial thoughts when we conducted a pre-site earlier that afternoon is that we were not dealing with any negative or demonic entities.

we had multiple teams conducting EVP, EMF, photo and video of the grounds and rooms. During the course of the investigation,  Several Orbs were caught in the back yard. and in the back bedroom. one of the investigators reports feeling of sadness and regret.  this was validated when we were conducting EVP sweeps.  we had the Daughter in the room with us. She said she felt a feeling of sadness as she spoke the EMF detector registered and made a noise. then when back to normal. As she spoke again, the detector went off again.

there appears to be a correlation between fear and the activity. Fear being a negative emotion can feed activity that wants attention.

Our overall impression is that this is residual energy from the grounds and not the trailers. During the 7 hours present, we took 196 Photos, 21 hours of video and 6 hours of audio. We did not note any of the described activity the residents experienced.  Although we did have some personal experiences with feeling of tingling, hair on our arms standing on end and the EMF's spiking little was caught scientifically with exceptions of Orbs.  these can been seen on the video and photos page. 

Our recommendation to the Client was to take back the home. not letting fear be the response to feed the activity.  this will take some time. We are continuing to monitor. One note. we did find out that at one point a School resided on the property.

Case: 107

Date: 09/22/2007

Time:  7.00PM thru 2.00AM

Location: North Little Rock

Weather:  Temp:82 F
               Relative Humidity: 51%
               Barometer readings: 30.06 Falling
               Wind Speed: Calm
               Lunar Cycle:  Waxing Gibbous 86.%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:  7:06 PM
               Moon Rise:4.09 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders, External Power Supply with Inverter, night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder.  

History: A young woman moved into her dad's home after he had passed away.. several years later things started happening.  The smell of Cigarette smoke as well as smoke from a campfire,  Footsteps have been heard, as well as her name being called when no one else was present.  Her bed room door knob also was reported to have turned by itself as though someone was trying to enter the room.  Movement of Keys and cellphone.  Several things were reported to have dropped an broke on the floor. this activity has been witnessed by several other people as well.

Our investigation ran cameras into the Living room Kitchen and family room were reports of activity had taken place.  during the course of the investigation we did get very strong and steady EMF readings in the Master Bedroom as well as the family room.  The Electric Meter was found to be right outside the master bedroom window. this could account for the steady EMF readings, in addtion a lot of wiring under the eves of the Living room, which is an addition to the original home,. this appears to have caused the EMF to be steady through out the entire run of the ceiling in the family room..  The client also stated there was some problems with the wiring in the family room.

During the course of our investigation we were not able to witness any of the activity reported by our client.  again, it's important to remember that we are only there for a small 7 to 8 hour snap shot of time.  However, we must base our findings on the scientific evidence collected at the time of the investigation.  This does not dismiss our clients claims of activity, but further investigation would be required to substantiate the claims.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  High EMF sources that are natural can cause sensitive people adverse reactions such as, Headaches, Feeling of being watched, Hallucinations as well as other side effects.

Case: 108

Date: 10/27/07

Time:  7.00PM thru 2.00AM

Location:  Blair Home, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:64 F
               Relative Humidity: 52%
               Barometer readings: 30.45 Falling
               Wind Speed: N 6 MPH
               Lunar Cycle:  Waxing Gibbous 97.%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 6:28 PM
               Moon Rise:7:24 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder.  

API was contacted by 4029 News to conduct an investigation on the Historic Blair\Amis house a home reputed by many to be one of Fort Smiths most Haunted homes..Parts of the Investigation were filmed by the 4029 New's team for their Halloween morning show segment.

History:  William Blair was the President of American National Bank in Fort Smith. In addition he had interests in both a Lumber yard and flour mill in the 1890s. In 1895 he began secretly constructing a new home as a Christmas present for his Wife Mary. That Christmas Eve Mr. Blair took his wife for a short carriage ride from their home on third street to the new structure on Seventh. he revealed his secret by carrying his wife over the threshold and into their new home.  Mr Blair died in 1903.
Dr. John Amis purchased the home during the summer of 1903. His wife, Jane, and five of their children lived and died in the house. the last surviving member of the immediate family died here in 1970. At least four of the Amis family funerals were held in the front parlor.

Reported Activity:  Even after the passage of more then a century, the house is reputed to be haunted by the spirits of Mary and William Blair the original owners.  The rustle of petticoats can sometimes be heard on the back stairway and a distinct aroma of cigars are occasionally detected near the fireplace in the parlor. The servants bell is said to ring from the Master bedroom by itself.

Investigation:  We arrive at 4:00 PM and began doing a base line reading of  the grounds, This included Photos, Video and EMF readings of the grounds.

The Realtor showed up shortly after we arrived and gave us the key to enter the home. we setup the command center in the Dining room just off of the kitchen.  Camera placement was set up in the front parlor. upstairs Hallway, the front Bedroom and the staircase.  We also set up digital Audio in the Parlor and master bed room.  we also confirmed that the servant's bell works.

4029 showed up shortly after we started the initial investigation. During the course of the evening two teams went to all the various rooms in the home conducting EVP, EMF sweeps as well as IR tempeture readings and Digital Photography.  4029 accompanied us on much of the walk through's. 

The most active room was the Front Parlor, the Orbs were pretty much constant. We noted when investigators went in the Parlor the Orbs would leave. when the investigators left the room the orb activity picked back up.  some of the Orbs we caught are on the video link of this website.  4029 filmed one of the Orbs for their segment. but when they went back to review the footage it did not exist.  in addition. the Camera used by 4029 was having periodic interference. that would show in the screen.  They noted that this was not normal for their equipment.  We might also add, that all 5 or our IIR Cameras during the course of the evening also had interference. each one at different times throughout the evening.

we conducted and investigation into the basement area of the home, which is just off the Kitchen.  when finished we walked back up the stairs and shut and locked the door and headed back into the command center.  roughly 30 min later, one of our investigators remarked do you smell that?  several of us came around and noted a Heavy smell of Cigar smoke.  the reporter also noted this smell.  we got up and went to investigate the basement area and noted the door that we had shut and locked was now wide open.  4029 started filming the door.  but as with the Orb when they got it back to the station the footage was not there. 

at different times we also noted while monitoring our Audio the sounds of items falling upstairs in the master bedroom.  repeatedly we went to investigate and found nothing out of place. 

there were quite a few personal experiences with us hearing things falling and the smell of Cigar smoke as well as a door opening. however these were documented but were not caught on audio or video.  thus we cannot use it as evidence.  we did get some video evidence which is on our video page.

This home has a lot of history both good and bad.  we want to Thank 4029 for Contacting us to conduct this investigation as well as their coverage of our team during the investigation.  

Please check out the photos and video page for more on this investigation

Case: 109

Date: 11/03/07

Time:  6.45 PM thru 2.15 AM

Location:  Mena Residence, Mena, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:64 F
               Relative Humidity: 64%
               Barometer readings: 30.30 Steady
               Wind Speed: Calm
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Crescent 35.79%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 6:22 PM
               Moon Rise:1:49 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

Reported Activity:  This home has a history of effecting guests more then it does the owners.  Somthing happens in the home weekly claims the owner.  a guest staying in the Guest bedroom has heard a female voice call her name. no other female was present at the time.  Footsteps are heard upstairs and in the living room. A Lamp over the upstairs bar has been seen swaying as if hit.  A little girl and a dark shadow figure have been seen in an upstairs doorway. Water has turned on by itself in the Guest Bathroom. and when someone goes to check it out the water is not running.  The Crisper drawer in the Refrigerator has opened by itself. and the owners have caught various Orbs.

Investigation:  we arrived at the location shortly before dark and began setting up.  we had Camera placement in the reported hotspots which included the guest Bedroom, Living room, Upstairs doorway, and the utility room.  about an hour into the investigation we began picking up a radio station coming from the microphone placed in the Guest bedroom.  we replaced the microphone but continued to hear the music coming from the replaced microphone.  the other Microphone we had setup in the utility room did not get this radio reception.  We were able to identify the Radio Station as 1450 KENA. how our microphone was able to pick this reception up we don't know. And why did the other Microphone not pick it up. 

While sitting in the guest Bedroom several investigators did see Shadows going across the doorway and in the living room.  they were however not caught on video.. Two EVP's were caught in the guest bedroom, visit our EVP page to hear the audio.  We caught plenty of Orbs as well. however the best activity we caught with two video cameras from two different angles.  This happened in the Guest bedroom. two investigators were sitting in the room. they had a Large heavy Flashlight standing upright about a foot from them. you see what appears to be an Orb come from the right top corner go across the room and then appears to try to manifest.  seconds later you see the flashlight fall.  The second Camera angle shows the flashlight more clearly. during the course of this, the investigators do not move their legs or touch the flashlight.  You can find the video of this on our Video page. during the latter part of the evening we heard crashing sounds coming from the utility room, sounded like beer bottles braking.  we went to investigate and found nothing out of place.  even though the sounds came through our audio headsets clearly, they were not present on the recordings.   This was a very interesting investigation.

Case: 110

Date: 12/07/07

Time:  7:00 PM thru 2.30 AM

Location:  Bentonville, Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:43 F
               Relative Humidity: 87%
               Barometer readings: 29.99 Falling
               Wind Speed: E 7 mph
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Crescent 3.31%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 5:01 PM
               Moon Rise:05:31 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

Reported Activity: Resident felt presence in various parts of home. Movement of objects including guitar swaying back and forth.  Lampshade rocks back and forth.  Hearing of fingernail taps coming from an undefined location in the livingroom.  Outline of a tall figure has been seen. Nightmares about a man who harmed children.  TV Turning on and off and changing channels.  Computer that is turned off turning itself on.  Object that moved through 3 rooms in perfect 90 degree angles.  Bathroom light coming on by itself..

Investigation:   API was asked to assist a local residence owner who was experiencing reported paranormal activity. and wanted us to get some answers.  We arrived on site and began setting up. our equipment. we noticed three tribal masks on the wall. no history could be given on the orgin of the masks.  During our presite a base line EMF sweep was done, with no areas of unexplained energy found.

During the initial course of the Investigation the Batteries in once of our investigators camera and small flashlight went dead at the same time.  They both came back on  and both went dead a second time again at the same time.

A shadow was seen moving behind the door in the bathroom as well as in near the front door. 

One of the investigators experienced something touch their ankle while in the back bedroom.  

The smell of Cologne in the bathroom. we verified with the owner who does not wear cologne. and the soap used has no scent.

One of the investigators felt sick in the secondary bedroom and had to go outside for some air.  she felt better and returned later in the investigation  and again got the same feeling as before. 

The Bathroom door opened while one of the investigators was nearby. no one was present.  
The results of EVP and Video produced no collaborating results.  However we did get some interesting photos which are posted on the  Bentonville link.

Several investigators had some personal experience at this location,  but it was not backed up with video , Audio ,  Just Photos. 

At this time the case is still open for follow-up to validate the clients claims as well as some of our Investigators personal experiences.  The history of the home and surrounding land has been difficult to get any history on. we are still researching.

Case: 111

Date: 01/26/08

Time:  7:00 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location:  Arkansas (Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium)

Weather:  Temp:48F
               Relative Humidity:93%
               Barometer readings: 30.28 
               Wind Speed: SSW 8 mph
               Lunar Cycle:  Last Quarter
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 5:41 PM
               Moon Rise:11:11 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorders

Reported Activity: This Historic site was a massive undertaking, 140,000 square feet and 5 1/2 stories high. this building contained 523 patient beds built in 1938.  Activity includes shadow figures, doors slamming, EVP's movement of objects. this has been well documented through out the years.

Investigation:  We arrived a little after noon at the site and were greeted by the staff. we were afforded the opportunity to interview a former patient and worker of the site which helped us get a better understanding for the day to day life at the sanatorium. Due to the size of the building we setup the command center in the hallway of the main floor by the stairwell leading to the other floors. This helped maximize the use of our cables.  we had 13 investigators present and were assist by PSA (Paranormal Studies of Arkansas) on this investigation. Setup started early placing cameras on the basement floor, 3ed floor, 4th floor. the 5th floor would be covered manually. only the wing we were in with the Command Center had power. 

While several investigators were setting up equipment on various floors. several reported seeing shadows move from one room to another. The investigation started at 7:00 PM with teams of three investigators going on each floor for 45 min intervals.  each equipped with a hand held to keep in touch with the command center.  during the course of the evening, we had repeated camera and battery failures on the third floor.  when the equipment was brought down to the command center it started working again.  Moaning was heard by several investigators on the third and fifth floor. as well as a woman crying on the third floor by the confinement area.  Howling was also heard on the fifth floor sounding like it was in the distance yet it would respond to questions.  a Fluorescent light fixture on the fifth floor in front of the elevator on several occasions flickered as though it was trying to come on yet repeated attempts to photograph this produced no results.  again reportedly no power to this floor.  During the course of a 45 min period. on the third floor. the tempature dropped from 40 F to 26 F in the confinement area, during this time one investigator was shoved. Tapping, footsteps, scraping along the floor like a chair was being dragged.  Temp gauges would not sync 8-12F difference in basement, when they got to the morgue both gages read the same. One investigator felt something walk behind her and saw a shadow figure out of the corner of her eye.  Alot of activity on the third and fifth floor. again this is a massive building. we have  planned repeat visits to further collaborate the evidence we have on hand. during analysis of evidence we caught what appears to be a shadow figure standing directly in the middle of the hall way.

Please check out Investigation Videos and Booneville photo page for evidence caught.  

Case: 112

Date: 02/23/08

Time:  6:00 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location:  Jacksonville Arkansas residence 

Weather:  Temp:46F
               Relative Humidity: 89%
               Barometer readings: 30.12 
               Wind Speed: NE 7 mph
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Gibbous 94%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 5:58 PM
               Moon Rise:7:47 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

Reported Activity: We had the privilege of speaking with both the current owner and a previous owner of the residence .  Activity includes feeling of Depression, heaviness to all who stay at the location for a prolong period of time. Client describes once your in the home for a while it sucks the life out of you, you don't ever desire to leave . constant problems with electrical one day working the next not. plumbing issues. Things always going wrong.   Previous Owner of home concurs with activity going on in the home. Small child would see something on the wall and in the closet area.  When current owner was remodeling he found two pentagrams on the floorboards under the carpet..Current owner became ill after showing us around the home.

Investigation:  We we assisted on this investigation by Lisa and Shane from ASPIRE. the home had no power. so we began setup in twilight with the promise of impending rain showers that evening. we setup four IR Cameras one in each bedroom and one in the living room looking down the hallway.
The home was recently remodeled and in very good condition. during the course of the evening two teams went in with EMF, Audio, Hi8 Cameras, and IR thermometer.  Initial EMF base line check out good for a home with no power.  Several investigators did have some odd feelings during the course of the evening such as being watched.  Lisa used a divining rod to ask questions and reported positive results. During the course of the evening we did get sporadic mild activity. Overall we did capture one EVP and did get a photo of a form that appear to have human.shape.  Since most activity happens after prolong stays at the residence this site does call for further investigating. 

See Jacksonville link and EVP Link for more on this investigation.

Case: 113

Date: 03/01/08

Time:  6:00 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location:  Hardy Arkansas Old Hardy Hotel (Second Investigation) 

Weather:  Temp:62F
               Relative Humidity: 75%
               Barometer readings: 30.28 
               Wind Speed: Calm
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Crescent 36%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 6:27 PM
               Moon Rise:2:27 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

Reported Activity: This is a follow-up Investigation to substantiate our prior findings which included Numerous Orbs in the upper Hallway, Female EVP's, Unexplained shadows, Unknown energy source in the upstairs hallway. Unknown haze in the Elvis room. Prior history from owners of footsteps being heard Lights that are left on after hours have changed when they return in the morning. Closed sign has been switched to open.  Female apparition seen twice once by previous owner and just recently by current owner.

Investigation:  There was no shortage of activity, although there were a lot more personal experiences this time that were not caught on tape or audio.
We tried several new methods of EVP which did produce some very startling results. unfortunately this evidence ended up being corrupt and had to be dismissed.  Activity switched from the upstairs to the Beanie Baby room on the first floor in the back by the office.  The team reported a lot of personal experiences at this location.  Several good EVP's were caught upstairs.  We caught an unexplained anomaly at the stairway going upstairs.  The evidence thus far supports the initial findings.  However activity is not limited to the upper level of the building but to the back of the first floor as well.  Evidence supports our initial findings of more then one entity and the presence of a female that seems to be more prevalent then that of any other spiritual inhabitants.  support for intelligent haunting rather then residual.

See Hardy II Investigation photos link and EVP link as well as video link for more detail.

Case: 114

Date: 06/07/08

Time:  8:30 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location:  Bentonville Arkansas, Station Cafe 

Weather:  Temp:80F
               Relative Humidity: 77%
               Barometer readings: 29.95
               Wind Speed: 9 mph
               Lunar Cycle:  Waning Crescent 25%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 9.03 PM
               Moon Rise:10.06 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

Reported Activity:  current owner has had several encounters, including a loaf of bread that was thrown in his direction in the kitchen.  The owner also spotted a figure in the downstairs hallway by the restrooms.  Several employees have heard whispers.  Building was at one time a theater from the Cozy theater chain.

Investigation: We began setting up equipment mainly in the second floor which still to this day resembles some of the theater look with the sound proofing tiles and the projection room. as well as the original wooden floor where the balcony was located.  A camera was setup in the kitchen area and several on the second floor.  During the setup one of the investigators while in the woman's restroom felt as if someone was holding the door shut from the other side as she tried to exit the restroom.  EMF meter placed on a platform on the second floor, would respond to questions when asked.  One Investigator felt a cold breeze go by him.   Several Investigators also heard music coming from the projection room.  they tried to debunk it by going around the back of the building to see if they could identify where the music was coming from.  No source was found.  During the course of  the investigation several orbs and EVP's were caught.   check out the Station Cafe link for photos and EVP page.   If you ever on the bentonville Square stop by the Station Cafe. they have the best Burgers in town.......

Case: 115

Date: 07/11/08

Time:  7:30 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location:  Farmington Residence

Weather:  Temp:84F
               Relative Humidity: 59%
               Barometer readings: 29.94
               Wind Speed: 2.6 mph
               Lunar Cycle:  First Quarter 28%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 9.04 PM
               Moon Rise:3:12 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

History:  Activity centers around master bedroom closet. Bad feelings come from that area.  A Ghostly woman has been seen in the opposite corner from the closet.  The Shower Curtain has been pulled open when the occupant was in the shower no one else was present.  A Photo of the Grandmother in the living room was turned upside down in the enclosed framing.  The Kitchen faucet has turned on by itself on several occasions. A young Child has been seen in various areas of the home as well as shadows.

Investigation:  We setup the Mobile command center outside the residence. ran Cameras in the master bedroom toward the closet. we placed audio equipment in the Closet itself as well as Hi 8 Video.  A camera was placed in the kitchen where shadows were seen as well as the Faucet that turns on by itself. and a camera was placed in the garage were activity was reported.
We noted that the Closet did have a antique dresser that. and in the garage an the Mirror portion of the same dresser was located.  also an antique Table was used to set the TV on.  We asked if they could provide the history of the Dresser and table.  This was give by the Grandfather. who unknown to the client at the time they also experienced activity.  During the the course of the investigation we did get Several EVP's from the closet area. Two Investigators were talking about Poltergeist activity and its relationship to small children.  our EMF immediately responded, it did this on several occasions.  No natural cause could be determined for the spikes.  We had previously completed a base line reading.  The Clients will remove the antique dresser and Night stand and will re-evaluate any further occurrences.
See Farmington, and EVP link for more details.

Case: 116

Date: 09/20/08

Time: 5:30 PM thru 3:00 AM

Location: Plainview Residence

Weather:  Temp:80.1F
               Relative Humidity: 60%
               Barometer readings: 30.04
               Wind Speed: 3.5 mph
               Lunar Cycle: 9/10 80%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 7:36 PM
               Moon Rise:10:36 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder
History:  Activity centers around owner not being able to keep tenants in this rental home.  All prior tenants claim to have had paranormal activity going on  from doors slamming. Faces being seen in the window.  figures have been seen by several  including one in a rocking chair.  Footsteps.  The home has a colorful history including Murder. 
Investigation:  We setup the command center on the left side of the home near the side door of the home.  currently no one resides in the residence.  we setup cameras in the down stairs living room, bedroom next to the living room. and 2 cameras upstairs in the main room.  The night was largely uneventful..we had the typical Orbs captured on video, but not real video or Audio Evidence.  However when we looked at the Photos, we were extremely surprised.  we caught not only Energy on several photos, but a figure in the front yard that is just barely visible.  The photo evidence in this case was overwhelming.  We will be following up on this case and plan a return visit in the coming months to see if we can substantiate what we caught on the first investigation.  The Owners plan to turn the residence into a bed and breakfast. so if your interested in spending a night in an active spot. you might just head to Plainview Arkansas.
Check out the photos under the Plainview link

Case: 118

Date: 10/18/08

Time: 5:00 PM thru  12:00 AM

Location:  Bentonville Old Jail

Weather:  Temp:63F
               Relative Humidity: 54%
               Barometer readings: 30.31
               Wind Speed: Calm
               Lunar Cycle: Waining Gibbous 80%
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 7:02 PM
               Moon Rise: 9:31 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

History:  The old City Jail which now is home to the America Legion and other occupants was built after the first Jail burned to the ground with inmates inside.  Because of this the Jail was on the second floor and the first floor was offices and interrogations rooms as well as living quarters for the Sheriff.  This was to insure that should a fire break out the inmates would be able to get out.

Investigation:  we arrived on site at 5:00 PM to begin setting up equipment.  we only had access to the American Legion hall which was once the Jail Yard for the inmates and to once office space.  The Interrogation room was locked.
we were accompanied on this investigation by KNWA and 4029 News teams.  during the course of the investigation. two shadows were seen in what would have been the Jail Yard.  One walked across the back left of the jail house.  this was not captured on video.  the next was a shadow of a what appears to be someone peering around the corner and this was captured on video.  Repeated attempts to debunk this by investigators walking around the room and outside the building did not produce the same results.   One investigator was on the floor looking into the interrogation room through the crack in the door reported that light could be seen from inside the room. upon checking a window on the other side was found to be the light source from a street light. however on more then one occasion we had something walk in front of the light as though something was moving in the office.  The window on the other side of the building was to high for someone to cast a shadow in the office.
Various Orbs were caught. as well as a big thud which was picked up on Audio. coming from behind the closed doors.  over all with the limited space we had access to, the case was very interesting and is worth being followed up on sometime in the future to collaborate what we captured.

Case: 119

Date: 01/11/09

Time: 7:00 PM thru  3:00 AM

Location:  Harrison Arkansasl

Information not disclosed on this case per Client.

Case: 120

Date: 10/18/08

Time: 5:00 PM thru  3:00 AM

Location:  Oppelo Arkansas Residence

Weather:  Temp:72F
               Relative Humidity: 58%
               Barometer readings: 30.05
               Wind Speed: 4.5 MPH
               Lunar Cycle: 4/25
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 7:53 PM
               Moon Rise: 6:23 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder

History:  Reports of activity include movement of Stuffed animals, Shadows around different parts of the home.  Seeing a figure of a small girl peering in the bedroom from the hallway.  Male voice heard from back bedroom.  Resident heard screaming of young girl. source of sound was never found.  Daughters feet as well as that of guest experienced burning sensation while in the house.

Investigation:  we arrived on site at 6:00 PM. After meeting with the residents of the home, and taking a tour of the hot spots in the home we began setting up the cameras, one in each of the three bedrooms and one in the hall way which seemed to be the main area we needed to focus on.  During an EMF sweep we did find a very high EMF field around the Mothers night stand as a result of a speaker system on the night stand.  during the course of the evening, we conducted EVP, EMF and K2 sweeps.  Concentrating on the back bedroom, mothers bedroom and hallway.  a Trigger Item was placed in the middle of the hall, a small ball.  The evening was mostly uneventful, nothing really out of the ordinary stood out.  We did catch the usual Orb activity. But again, Orb activity only indicates energy, not paranormal activity.  (however),  All investigators know you need energy to have paranormal activity. so they are usually a precursor.  The Mothers room by far had the most Orb Activity. We wrapped up at 3:00 AM.  As with so many cases the review of evidence really shows how important it is not to jump to any conclusions till you review ALL the evidence.  In the back bedroom we caught what looks like a face of a man.  this was validated by the residents who heard a mans voice in the same area we captured the image.  No EVP's were found during this investigation.  The Back Bedroom also had a photo taken of the dresser which showed in one photo a mist by it. the next photo shows the dresser with out the mist.  This was a very fascinating case that we will be following up on. We are still researching the history of the area as well as the residence to see what that may yield. 

Case: 121

Date: 05/30/09

Time: 5:00PM thru  3:00 AM

Location: Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

Weather:  Temp:81F
               Relative Humidity:49%
               Barometer readings: 29.92
               Wind Speed: 10MPH
               Lunar Cycle: First Quarter
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 8:15 PM
               Moon Rise: 12:36 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder, Generator

History:  Reports of activity include sounds of infantry, Horses, shadow figures, Small girl in upper window of Bordon home.

Investigation: We had the privilege to talk to quite a few historians regarding the reported activity at this sight.  That being said,  if what has been relayed is true most of the park has activity.   We focused our investigation around the Bordon home and the orchard where the heaviest Fighting took place.  we also set up a sub command center at the Dog Trot home.  We setup night vision cameras to cover all angles of the exterior of the Bordon home.  One camera facing the orchard. and one camera at a remote location facing the back of  Dog Trot .  during the course of the investigation the only camera we had set up in the upper level of the bordon home went dead.  in the process of trouble shooting that camera, another external camera went dead.  We were not able to find any reason for this.  During this same time.  upon review of the videos. you can see what appears to be a light in the upper room of the Bordon home. at the time of this phenomena no one was in the Bordon home and  no power was on for our Camera that went dead inside the Bordon Home.

an hour into the investigation, the motion detector we had set up in the bordon home where the small girl has been seen went off. No investigators were in the home .  We went into the home to determine what set off the motion detector.  nothing was found that could account for setting this off. We conducted an EVP session and upon review you can hear what sounds like a young girl. 

During the course of the evening we also had one  of the cameras fog up and clear up all in a matter of 30 min.  no other cameras did this.  The videos and EVP can been seen on our site as well.  Several bangs were also heard during the course of  the evening from the Bordon home when no one was in the home.. Several investigators also saw shadow figures on the right side of the property of the Bordon Home.  Heavy breathing was also heard by the service road during an EVP Session. 

We were very impressed by the amount of unexplained occurrences we were able to capture.  We look forward future investigations of this site to substantiate the evidence we currently have.  This was truly a remarkable and active site.

Case: 122

Date: 07/11/09

Time: 6:00PM thru  3:00 AM

Location: Residence Cherokee Village Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:78F
               Relative Humidity:84%
               Barometer readings:30.00
               Wind Speed: 12MPH
               Lunar Cycle:Full
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set: 8:22 PM
               Moon Rise: 10:42 PM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder, 

History:  Clients have heard footsteps on adjacent stairway to basement.  Slamming of doors in Basement.  Shadow figure seen in corner vision.  Knocking on entry door and no one is present. Child interaction with entity.

Investigation:  Night Vision cameras were setup on the stairway where footsteps have been heard as well as downstairs where doors have slammed and activity has been prevalent.  During the investigation, we were hampered by a sudden Thunderstorm that lasted for several hours.  Orb activity was very active. At one point around 2:00 AM the gate at the top of the stairs  actually moved.  Our interview of the Child indicates knowledge that the average child would not know regarding paranormal activity.  We have requested a follow-up investigation to further research activity at this home.

Case 123 - Coming soon

Case 124 - Coming soon

Case 125 - Coming soon

Case: 126

Date: 02/13/10

Time: 5:00PM thru  3:00 AM

Location: Residence Bentonville Arkansas

Weather:  Temp:45F
               Relative Humidity:70%
               Barometer readings:29.85
               Wind Speed: 7.5MPH
               Lunar Cycle:New
               Solar X-Rays:  Normal
               Geomagnetic Fields:  Quiet
               Sun Set:6:22 PM
               Moon Rise: 06:42 AM

Equipment:  EMV Detectors, Inferred Thermometers, various Digital Cameras, Hi8 night vision camera. Digital audio recorders, Mini DVD Recorders,.Night vision 0 Lux video Cameras with DVR recorder, 

History:  Various activity including, hearing footsteps, Cabinets opening and closing.  Actual touching of hands and feet while client was in bed.  TV coming on and off.  Cat looks in directions of activity when it happens.  Heavy metal  File cabinet moves in office and is damaged by something unseen.

Investigation: Arriving at 5:00 PM we began setting up equipment while we still had daylight.  one camera was placed in the Kitchen. one in the Hall way,
One in the master bedroom and one in the Living.  We started experiencing problems one the lights went out in the bedroom, the night vision camera started acting up.  we replaced the camera twice in the master bedroom before we actually were able to continue on with coverage in that area.  during the course of the evening, we did random EVP, EMF and Night vision camera sessions.  this also included the property.  in the Command Center, a 16 foot self contained trailer team members were monitoring the audio and video coming from the cameras inside the home.  several times shuffling was heard through the head sets.  yet no Audio was recorded on the recorders.  an old Trunk was found in the attic.  we placed an audio recorder and video camera in the attic to catch any activity.  During the course of the evening, we saw what looked like a feather go by one of our cameras.  since there were no feathers in the home we searched the area for anything that might have produced this but found nothing.  This is believed to be some sort of manifestation.  In addition.  Going over evidence in the back yard, we caught an orb and an energy source that we were not able to reproduce.  this is in a field.  we overexposed the frame to see if we could highlight any background items but found none.  Visit the  Bentonville -Case 162 photo page to see
these photos.  The Clients call their friendly entity George.  as of this investigation no reference has been found. 

for more information check out the Bentonville Case-126 link for photos and the video page for videos of the investigation.