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I have  always had a fascination with the unknown. This was solidified with my own personal experience.  At that point I read as many books as I could get my hands on dealing with Paranormal investigations and Ghost Hunting. I started off doing independent investigations in the southwest. 
With over 20 years of Investigative experience, I Created API to assist others that are experiencing paranormal activity, as well  as form an investigative team  that, like me, are searching for Scientific proof  behind paranormal activity. 
Alan - Founder 
Christian - Investigator
Jimmy - Investigator
Arkansas Paranormal Investigations
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Myrna was born and raised here in Arkansas, and she is currently a medical clerk at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Fayetteville. She grew up hearing stories of the paranormal and is now living the dream of helping others deal with and understand the paranormal
Carol is a freelance writer with a master's degree and work history in criminal justice in Baltimore, MD. She has worked for the Smithsonian, lobbied Congress on an endangered species, served on NM state environmental committees, and volunteers for a national prison reform organization. She's been interested in the paranormal since childhood.
When it comes to paranormal investigating, Jeff has always had a curiosity and joined API after having some paranormal experiences of his own.  He enjoys the thrill of the hunt and going through evidence.  As a skeptic observer, he is able to find logical explanations for most experiences and focus on those experiences with no explanation. 

My wife, Tammy and I joined the team a couple of years ago after she had talked to Alan about going on a local investigation. I went along for the ride but after that first night I was hooked, I really love the technical aspect of the investigations, working with the cameras and equipment, learning more with each investigation.  API has some great folks with a wealth of knowledge about the paranormal. 

Jimmy was born in Ft. Smith Arkansas and lived half his life hanging around historic sites such as Judge Parkers Courthouse and Fort Chaffee. Later in life he moved to St. Augustine Florida. While living in Florida he has cultivated his investigative methods in order to prove or disprove allegedly haunted locations. Since then he has moved to NWA to take up a career in the technology field. He has always had a fascination with the unknown and to better understand the world beyond the norm. With his taste for adventure and his desire to gather evidence of the paranormal, Jimmy is always on the search for the answers to the unexplained. 

Beckie grew up in Farmington and graduated from the U of A with a bachelors in outdoor recreation and has worked for the state parks since 2010.  She has been interested in the paranormal since she was a teenager.  The property she grew up on was part of the route that union soldiers took to get to the Prairie Grove Battlefield so she has experienced paranormal her whole life and loves helping people discover what activity they have going on in their homes.
Myrna - Lead Investigator
Carol - Lead Investigator/Researcher
Beckie - Lead Investigator
Jeff- Lead Investigator/Team Leader
Kim - Investigator
Tammy - Investigator
Bio and Picture coming soon
Michelle - API Administrator/Director
Michelle was born and raised in Odessa, TX.  She has always been very active in music, theater, art and church.  She spent many years acting and working behind the scenes at The Globe of the Great Southwest, a replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.  While there, she had many paranormal experiences and became interested in learning more.  Three years ago, her husband, Jeff, got involved with API and Michelle would help review evidence.  Now, she is the Leader/Director/“Multi-media Specialist” of the team, doing the newsletter, Facebook page and the website.  She enjoys being a contributing member of this awesome team!

Daniel - Investigator
I am an Army veteran and served 4 years in the Army as well as a deployment to Iraq. I became interested in the paranormal after being stationed in Hanau, Germany and the barracks I lived had lots of poltergeist activity and I am now a self proclaimed paranormal junkie. I am married to a lovely woman who lights up my life and gave me 2 wonderful kids and who is also a skeptic so it makes reviewing evidence interesting. I am always looking forward to investigations and getting new evidence.
I was a skeptic at first.  Even though there are scriptures in the Bible that talk about ghosts, I overlooked them.  Once I started to hear about ghost hunting I got more interested in it and my Mother told me all about the team and some of her own personal experiences.  This confirmed to me that there really is something else out there.  So I decided to go on several ghost hunts an I enjoyed them so I decided to become a member.

Mike - Investigator
Amber - Investigator
Bio and Picture coming soon
Bio and Picture coming soon