The following is a list of places not proved or disproved to be haunted

Please get permission of the owners or tenants at private residences before attempting to visit the site.  Never trespass on private property and heed all posted no trespassing signs.

API will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

McWethey House - Centrahoma  a site with Poltergeist activity in the summer of 1990. the McWethey daughters were in the front yard when they were showered by rocks. this continued even after the family moved indoors. this was repeated for weeks. Eggs and bottles were hurled through the air. sheets and bed spreads were pulled from the bed. these events were witnessed by Police, neighbors and reporters. the events seemed to be centered around Twyla McWethey. Twenty-Two miles southeast of Ada on highway3. Single Story white house (Private Residence)
Territorial Governor's Mansion - Guthrie Haunted by a Ghost who witnesses have claimed to hear faint hello's coming from the downstairs hallway. various items have been seen floating at the Central staircase.  Junction of I-35 and highway 33.
Apache Cemetery - Lawton Geronimo a great Apache Chief is buried here. reported apparitions of him and a strong overwhelming presence has been noted at the Visitors site. The cemetery is just north of old Fort Sill. 
Spooksville Triangle - Miami From Joplin Missouri to Columbus Kansas to Miami Oklahoma. multicolored lights have been seen the area is by highway 66 and the spring river. the lights have been seen regularly for well over a hundred years. usually over deserted roads and fields. Legend has it it is the lantern of a girl who disappeared on night and was never seen again. northeast corner of OK. 15 miles from the Missouri border on I 44.
Constantine Theater - Pawhuska Ghosts of the old west have been active at the Old vaudeville theater. built in 1894. spirits are said to toss objects and make loud noise as if a fight were going on.  US highway 60.

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Haunted Locations in Oklahoma