The following is a list of places not proved or disproved to be haunted

Please get permission of the owners or tenants at private residences before attempting to visit the site.  Never trespass on private property and heed all posted no trespassing signs.

API will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

Branson - Inspiration Point The overlook at one time was used as a Confederate lookout post during the civil war and is haunted by a Confederate soldier. The apparition was initially seen in the early 60's during an outdoor play. The apparition appears during the nighttime pageants.  Location: US Highway65 South to US highway 160 east. also known as Shepherd of the Hills park.
Bridgeton - Payne-Gentry House at current count 23 different spirits have been encountered at this home this according to the Ghost research Society.  Location: northwest of St. Louis off I-270 4211 Fee Road, Bridgeton.
Columbia- Rock Bridge State Park Visitors to Devil's Ice box cave report a feeling of uneasiness as well as reported apparitions. Several people have died in the cave from accidents. Location: 5901 South Columbia highway 163.
Columbia - Stephens College  Sara a student at Old Baptist Female College was living in Senior Hall when she found an escaped rebel prisoner hiding in her closet. she aided him with food and provided medical attention and soon fell in love. Someone at the school turned him into the authorities He was later killed by firing squad in front of Senior Hall. Sarah climbed the bell tower and placed the bell cord around her neck and leaped to her death. Sara's apparition has been seen in the bell tower on repeated occasions.  Location:  1200 E Broadway
Columbia - Sutton House Built before the Civil War this home has reported sightings of a young woman in a gray dress and long hair. singing was often heard from the home long after it was vacated. In 1983 the Fire Department deliberately burned the home to the ground.  Location: Stone Foundation is at 4933 Lake valley Lane.
Fayetteville - Lilac Hall This home reports an image of an elderly woman wearing black. she appears to children in the house. strange noises in the living room and upstairs are common. Location: Highway 13 south exit from I-70
Florissant - McCluer North Senior High School. Taille De Noyer Building is said to be haunted by a former resident . Constructed in 1798 reported apparitions in early period clothing have been reported. Location: 705 Waterford Drive off I-270.
Hartville - Ward Farm poltergeist activity took place in 1958. centered around Betty Ruth Ward who was 9 years old. this is a well documented case. Researchers from Duke's Parapsychology dept were called in and witnessed it as well. Location:  junction of Highway 5 and 38. (Farm is private property)  
Independence - Truman Home  an odor of Bourbon is sometimes noticed as well as apparitions in the home. Location: Junction  highway 75 and 169.
Joplin - Devil's Promenade also called the Neosho Spook light. a ball of light is seen along this road moving in an easterly direction.  Location:  I-44 west from Joplin turn south onto state line road. Devils Promenade road crosses Stateline road after about 4 miles.
Kansas City - Savoy Hotel Haunted by two Ghosts. an elderly women named Betsy Ward who haunts room 505 also the ghost of Fred Lightner haunts his former room. sightings in the hall. Footsteps and voices throughout the building. Location:  I-70 on the Kansas border, 219 west Ninth Street.
Knob Noster- Hermit Light  Ghost of a hermit that lived outside of town returns during bad weather. its said he died of fright during a bad storm. its believed you can still see a mysterious light coming down the path into town during bad weather. Location:  junction of US highway 50 and highway23.
Ozark Mountains - Ozark Madonna: Ghost of a woman holding a baby is seen on the ridge.  said to be the spirit of Laurie Maumsey. who lived in a cabin at the top of the hill, her husband often would beat her, during a struggle the child fell from her arms and died. Laurie killed herself shortly afterward. Location: Mark Twain National Forest.
Paris - Paris Specter the ghost of a woman in black is said to have walked the streets of the village for over seventy years. she was a spinster who swore to haunt her unfaithful lover and the town. Location: junction US highway 24 and highway 15.
St. Genevieve - Guibourd House in Missouri's oldest town and in one of the oldest buildings. the ghosts of three old men in early century clothing have been reported. Objects move, sounds from the second floor bedroom.  footsteps in the kitchen area. once a slaves quarters.  the home was built in the 1700's.  Location:  I-55 to highway 32 west. 1 North 4th street.
St. Louis- Edgewood Children's center:  a ten year old girl is said to hover above the ground near an old cotonwood tree.  moving objects, footsteps in the attic late at night. a tunnel several blocks long was discovered under the the house. Location: 330 North Gore Street. 
St. Louis - Lemp Mansion:  Tycoon William Lemp upset over his son's death shot himself to death in 1920. two years later, another son shot himself to death in the home. In 1949 another son took his dog into the basement and killed it and then shot himself to death. since then the home has been a boarding house. as well as a restaurant. strange noises, footsteps, doors slamming and a very oppressive atmosphere have been encounted.  Location: 3322 De Menil Place.
Sand Springs - Phantom Rider  reports of a ghostly rider and his horse have been seen in the Sand Springs area.  thought to have connection with the Civil War. Location:  two miles west of Roubidoux creek

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Haunted Locations in Missouri