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The following is a list of places not proved or disproved to be haunted

Please get permission of the owners or tenants at private residences before attempting to visit the site.  Never trespass on private property and heed all posted no trespassing signs.

API will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

ARKADELPHIA - Henderon State University Once a Methodist college, a young man fell in love with a woman from Quachita Baptist University. The young man's friends had convinced him that the relationship would never work due to different schooling and religions. Thus the young man stopped seeing the woman. When the woman found out the man was taking someone else to the homecoming dance she killed herself.. It's reported that each year during homecoming week the ghostly form of a young woman returns to the women's dorm looking for the Girl who won her only love.  Students call her the Black lady.  Location:  west of Little Rock on I-30 1100 Henderson Street.
BENTONVILLE - Peal Museum Reportedly haunted by the former owner with various Paranormal activity. Location: Bentonville, across from Wal-Mart Home office.
CROSSET - Crosset Ghost Light a light has been reported by the Crosset railroad tracks for over 50 years. The ball of light moves several feet above the rails and is said to be the ghost of a brakeman that was beheaded in an accident. Location:  Louisiana border on US Highway 425
EUREKA SPRINGS - Cresent Hotel The hotel goes back over 78 years. Said to be haunted by a ghost named Michael a stonemason who worked on the hotel roof and died on the second floor at what is now room 218. he plays tricks with lights and the TV in addition to pounding noises that is said to come from within the walls in room 218.  The ghost of a nurse in white is said to haunt the third floor. A man in Victorian clothing is said to haunt the lobby often seen at the bottom of the stairs or sitting at the lobby bar. Other paranormal activity is said to occur in room 202 and 424. The resort hotel was at one time used as college in the early 1920's then a hospital and health spa.  Location:  intersection of Highway 23 and US highway 62 75 prospect Street.
GURDON - Gurdon Ghost Light a hovering light that glows yellow has been reported ever since the decapitation murder of a man over 60 years ago. the light seems to travel down the railroad tracks and then disappear. Location:  US Highway 67
HARRISON - Crooked Creek Said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman that was murdered in 1912. the body was found at the entrance of a mine shaft cut in several pieces. Location:  junction US highway 65 and Highway 7
HOLLYGROVE - Captain Mull's House This home was moved from St. Petersburg Florida to it's current location. The man lived with an Indian girl which he loved dearly. when she died her body was sealed in a glass casket and kept in the house. after the man's death the girl was buried in a local cemetery. It is said at night the sounds of the woman playing the piano can be heard from the deserted house. Location:  US Highway 49  (Private Residence)
HOT SPRINGS - Hot Springs National Park  Indians consider this area sacred. The US Government took possession and it became a national park in 1921. Hot Springs bubble up from an area with quartz crystals. which are said to have mystical qualities.Location:  Central Arkansas off Highway 7
LITTLE ROCK - Highway 365 Legend has it someone picked up a hitchhiking girl usually during bad weather. when they get to the destination the girl wants she disappears. the driver knocks on the door and is told ghost of the owners daughter returns on the anniversary of her death.  Location:  from Little Rock to Woodson. and Red field to Pine Bluff.
LITTLE ROCK - Old State House  The ghost of a man dressed in a frock coat walks down the aisles of Central Hall on the second floor. It is thought he is the former speaker of the house John Wilson. Wilson stabbed a man to death in a scuffle on the floor of the chamber. Wilson was acquitted. Location:  300 West Markham street.
MONTICELLO - Old Allen House  The ghost of Ladell Allen is said to haunt the house. in the 40's she took her life by drinking cyanide. the house was converted into apartments in the 50's many occupants reported paranormal activity. a resident took a photograph teh dead girls reflection in the mirror. Police have been called on several occasions to investigate noises on the second floor, nothing has ever been found.  Location:  US Highway 425 705 North Main Street. Private Residence
PEA RIDGE - Battle Ground  Reports of musket fire and voices have been heard. on occasion distant figures have been seen in the early evening. Sounds of horses have also been heard. Location:  Highway 62 East from Rogers
ROGERS - Lake Hotel an abandoned hotel once was a plantation house. the slave quarters are still visible. reported strange lights and sounds and an overpowering feeling overcome those that visit to this day.
ROGERS - Radar Road reported sounds of Galloping horse's have been heard by many of the locals   Location:  Radar Road. turns into dirt road.
SEARCY - Harding College Ghost of a young woman is heard playing the piano in the music building. The girl was a student at the college in the 30's she met a man and a relationship developed, the man was killed in a auto accident. the girl spent hours of grief playing the piano on the third floor.  she died shortly after of unknown causes. People have since reported sounds of the piano coming from the third floor late at night.  the old music building has since been torn down and replaced with a more modern structure. It is said that the Piano playing continues to be heard late at night.  Location:  900 E Center
WARREN - Mark's Mill in 1864 two civil war battles occured here. and over a thousand soldiers lost their lives. A train loaded with Confederate gold was ambushed. A Confederate soldier set fire to the car carrying the gold. he later died. its is said his ghost roams the area searching for the lost gold.  in addition Yankee soldiers hastily covered their losses by throwing the bodies down a well at Mark's Mill.  Moaning has been heard from the area usually at night. Location: junction of Highway 4 and Highway 8 on the Saline River

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