API Meets TAPS team

April ?, 2015.  API will investigate Opposition Cemetery

June ?, 2015  Centerton Days

June or July ?, 2015  Investigation of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

September ?, 2015 API Will conduct an investigation of Myrtles Plantation.

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API Provides professional, confidential on site Investigations of reported paranormal activity using state of the art electronic equipment. Our goal is to assist you in understanding what is happening and ease your fear of the unknown. We do this FREE of charge.

Over 20 years paranormal investigative experience.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  Were not as fancy as some of the sites out there, but we are very dedicated to assisting others that believe they have paranormal activity going on.  Your visiting this site would indicate you ether have an interest or perhaps a curiosity regarding the paranormal or are seeking assistance. 

Many people are fascinated by the unknown. When called on to do an investigation we conduct an Initial interview. This allows us to do research on the history of a place as well as develop a base line reading for the area. We look at all aspects. Only by eliminating the natural elements that could be causing the reported paranormal activity can we then start analyzing any data as possible Paranormal Activity.

Were not out to call every site we visit Haunted. As a matter of fact in over 75 percent of the cases we have found not to be paranormal at all. Its the remaining 25 percent of the cases that drive us investigators looking for that evidence that will provide proof beyond all certainty.

On that Topic. There are so many personal experiences when it comes to the reporting of Haunted places. One of our goals using scientific equipment is to capture evidence to support those experiences. Other wise the experience is just another added to so many.

API is a non profit, Christian based organization.  We are dedicated to assisting others, performing professional investigations. with the utmost respect for Privacy

Interested in Learning more about us?
API Team Members are not locked down to only being a part of the API team. We encourage them to join other paranormal teams in their area's as well. When it comes down to it were all looking for the same thing. We found by networking and assisting other teams we can all benefit.

We also know there are a lot of skeptics, and that is very healthy. I was one for most my life till my first experience. If you believe you may be having paranormal activity or are not sure. Please don't hesitate to contact us. And if not us, please contact another of the fine paranormal groups in your area for assistance.
Again, thanks for taking the time to visit our sight.

            A. M. Silva
Founder: Arkansas Paranormal Investigations

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Please help us help others,We never charge for investigations. All donations go toward equipment and fuel costs.
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Case: 120
Location:  Oppelo Arkansas Residence

Night vision camera caught this face.

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Getting you ready for Halloween, Alan and Jeff from Arkansas Paranormal Investigators join 40/29 on set.
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Paranormal Activity Investigated in Eureka Springs
The Arkansas Paranormal Investigators team took a look around the city's auditorium, which was built in 1928.
And Paranormal activity at the AUD in the ES Independent
API on the Move!

Centerton Days 2011
Centerton Days 2012
API on the Move!

Tombstone - The Bird Cage Theater
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API 5 News Interview about the Investigation of the Borden House at the Prairie Grove Battlefield.
October, 2014

Video #1
Video #2 of the 5 news API interview.  October, 2014
API Interview at News Talk 99.1 in Searcy, AR 10/30/2014